Hello, and how much I miss having health insurance

Hello, and welcome to the campaign to get Stephanie Weaver a job. I’m a 27-year-old dog owner living in the City of Brotherly Love. The purpose of this site is rather simple: I need health insurance and a job. I currently support myself by freelance writing for multiple print and web publications, including Patch.com and The South Philly Review.

 Although I love working from home, I only make enough money right now to pay rent and feed myself and my animals, including Brit, a flatulent English Bulldog whose name will appear often on this site.

Without being gainfully employed, health insurance is super expensive to pay for on your own. An estimated 47 million Americans are currently uninsured, over half of which are young adults under the age 0f 34.

I honestly miss having health insurance. Here is a list of reasons why:

  • I used to play roller derby. Basically, it’s a sport where you hit people on rollerskates. You can get hurt. Thus, I’ve taken a sabbatical.
  • I have dreams of teaching abroad one day. I was planning on registering for an overseas teaching assistant program in Japan, but you needed to have a thorough physical done as part of the application process. Without health insurance, physicals can cost up to $300. I have about $1.45 in my bank account right now. And that’s why I’m still in Philly…
  • My tooth hurts. It’s been hurting for months now. I’m afraid my face may fall off.

So, as you can see, I kinda really need a job and health insurance. I miss skating, I want to travel , and I have a very low tolerance for oral pain.

And believe me, I’m not some lazy princess who thinks the world owes her something. I’ve been legitimately job hunting since September. I am a motivated, hard working gal who knows what she wants.

I worked as the managing editor of a weekly newspaper for two years before being laid off. At 26, I had to move back home to get back up on my feet again.

This blog is going to be a vessel for reaching potential employers who would otherwise never see my work. My hope is that through this website, I can attain a full-time telecommuting position in the field of new or social media.

I’m going to blab about social media and how much it sucks to not have health insurance until somebody notices and hires me.

So please, spread the word. Retweet, reblog, repost, whatever. Just help me avoid going to one of those back alley dental facilities where they still use rocks and gags…

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