How to be a Twitter Pro

Twitter is one of those things that isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. Unlike Myspace (BTW if you use Myspace, you might as well still be using GeoCities to host your webpage or gabbing on a Zack Morris phone), Facebook, or any other kind of social media platform, Twitter offers its users ultra-specific social networking and microblogging services. Users can generate 140-character messages called “tweets” and display them on their profile pages.

If you’re new to Twitter, you may think that this website is pretty easy to navigate. You can simply click on the “Follow” button located on different people’s profiles and start building your “following” list. You might also think that common courtesy calls for those same people to start following you, thus enabling you to build a “followers” list.

You may go about your day and tweet about different thoughts that occur to you (“I like pie.”) or different activities that you may be doing (“I’m eating pie.”).

Soon enough though, you’ll realize that your “followers” list is down to 11 and that your “following” list has ballooned to 143. Believe it or not, there is a golden means to followers vs. following on Twitter that you should try and stick to.

So what went wrong? Why have you become a Twitter outcast?

Many first time Twitter users usually end up making the same mistake, which is a big one. They turn their Twitter page into a minefield of pointless and stupid tweets. Honestly, nobody really care if you’re eating pie.

Content is everything people. The same rules apply to the NYT. If the Times started writing articles about how much they liked to eat pie, their circulation numbers would definitely drop.

To be a Twitter pro, concentrate first and foremost on the content you tweet about. If you find an unusual or funny article you enjoyed, go ahead and tweet it. If you have a favorite literary quote that inspires you, tweet that too.

Try to avoid tweeting about mundane things. If you see a dude on the side of the highway performing CPR on a deer, definitely tweet about that. That’s gold.

Authenticity is everything. If you have a Twitter that contains unique and original tweets, people will start wanting to follow you.

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