Hamburgers vs. Friends or Why People Delete Friends on Facebook

Would you sacrifice your friends for a hamburger? Burger King asked that exact question in their “Whopper Sacrifice” campaign, promoting people to de-friend ten of their Facebook acquaintances for a free hamburger.  More than 234,000 friendships were ended because of the campaign.

The worst part is that after you got dumped for a hamburger (actually, it was more like a tenth of a burger) the program would send you a notification informing that you were rejected for a slab of grade D meat.

Burgers aside, why do people decide to totally eliminate people from their social graph? Spite? Apathy? Or just plain too many friends?

I, personally, suck at deleting people off of Facebook. I’ve accomulated more than 600 “friends” on the social website and I talk to only about 50 of those people on a weekly or monthly basis. I think I’m a.) a people hoarder or b.) simply lack the guts to clean house.

Getting voted off of the social networking island is a drag. Or maybe it’s only a drag for me because I’m a hyper-sensitive weirdo who spends 67% of her day on Facebook instead of out participating in real life.

But why do people eliminate others from their networking graph? Some do it because they find a particular person’s newsfeed annoying. But seriously, if you’re posting something every other day about Justin Bieber’s haircut I might just decide to delete you too.

Others are just thinning out the herd. Some passive aggressive types may use it as a system for getting under another person’s skin. Do you remember that movie Mean Girls that was Lohan’s downfall into prosti-tot land? De-friending is a perfect tactic for snotty teenage girls to cause each other severe emotional discomfort.

Either way, being on the receiving end of the equation is a bit painful. I mean, yah, it’s just the Internet, but nowadays, I really dunno where the ‘net stops and real life begins…

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