Shameless Self Promotion

So after stumbling across this blog which in turn led me to this blog, I decided to take their advice and create a Facebook advertisement that targeted big name magazines and newspapers in the hopes that they would click on the ad, which was linked to this website, and decide to hire me.

I scheduled it to run for two days (today and tomorrow) and included the text “Stephanie Weaver is a full time freelance writer specializing in web content, news, and features. If you hire her, you win forever.” Needless to say, my efforts resulted in a total fail.

Only four people out of 2,156 views took the time to click on the ad. After this ad campaign stops running, I’m going to try and rewrite a catchier tagline and revamp my targeted audience.

The Internet is a great way to make a brand for yourself. You can use social media to target your preferred demographic of readers and create a loyal web following.

It is quite possible for any regular Joe Shmoe to become an Internet superstar. It’s just a combination of using the right factors to create interest and then plaster your name wherever you can to draw in traffic.

This blog really hasn’t seen that many visitors as of yet, aside from my friends and family (THANK YOU GUYS!). It is my hopes that I can come up with a creative and dynamic web campaign to draw more attention to this little corner of the Internet and create a professional and somewhat fun personal brand for myself.

2 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. I’m the project manager for film director Josue Joseph of the internationally-attended feature film “La Epoca – The Palladium Era” a film about the origins of Mambo and Salsa which features many legends of then and today. I came across your blog and thought I’d show you support. We’d be interested in seeing what you can do. I’m not sure if emails provided here are spammed or not so I included a general email above just in case. Would love to hear from you.

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