I’ve Become Bi-Continental

I know some people who are self-proclaimed “bicoastal folk.” They spend their time divided between Philly and LA or New York and Seattle. I was always fascinated about how people were able to do this and even more so about why they chose this drifter-esque lifestyle.

However, what I’m going to be trying to do in the coming months (and maybe even years) is wayyyyy harder than being bicoastal. I’m talking bi-continental, splitting my life between Philadelphia and London.

My one client is from Texas. When I first met her, I asked her what on earth prompted her to leave a huge horse ranch outside of Austin and move to New Jersey. Her reply: “A man, of course.”

And that’s exactly what is starting to bring me to the other side of the pond. We’ve set it up so one of us visits the other one every other month, until October, when he is unfortunately going to Afghanistan for six months (he’s a sergeant in the British military).

It’s weird, how life works out. I’ve spend 27 years dating complete douches all over America and I finally meet a reasonable guy and he lives not only in a different country, but on  a totally different continent.

I’m leaving to go to London in two weeks. There’s going to be scooters and ocean and Stone Hendge  and it’ll be lovely. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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