Baking with Stephanie: Lesson 1

I wanted this to be my end result

At 27, one would think that I would be able to bake by now. I mean, baking is fairly easy. All it takes is a couple of eggs, water, butter, milk and Betty Crocker mix. Or so I thought.
Actually, tonight I found out that baking is something else I’m horrible at. Along with ice-skating, hoola-hooping, swimming, talking to cute men, and going to the dentist regularly. I find my lack of domestic skills pretty hysterical, so I think I’m going to implement a bi-weekly post called “Baking/Cooking with Stephanie” and then have you do the exact opposite of what I do.
Since it was raining tonight and I was having a bad day, I decided to try my hand at making cupcakes. I found these really adorable Oscar the Grouch cupcakes online (see above) and I wanted to try and imitate them.
 So, the first thing that you should do  is get your ingredients together. Here is a picture of mine.


That’s easy. The hard part was step two, or trying to follow the directions to make the batter when I lacked most of the ingredients I needed. I only had two eggs when the directions called for four, so I decided to make up for that by putting twice the amount of butter in.
Don’t do this. You’ll end up getting a thick cake batter that you can’t get your spoon through while you try and stir it.
Step three is pouring the batter into the cupcake trays. I wasn’t good at that either.

I suck.

Step four is putting the tray in the oven and then timing it. Step five is having a beer while you wait.
After you retrieve your glorious cupcakes from the oven, it is time to decorate them. Yayyyy. Notice how mine are not glorious. A few kind of exploded and one never rose fully.
They are not suppose to look like this.

 Step six is decorating your cupcakes. Please please please wait for them to fully cool before you put the icing on because it will get all runny and drip off of the cupcake. My sister, Holly, had warned me about this before but I didn’t heed her advice because I had consumed three beers while baking. Oh, don’t drink and bake at the same time either.

So, after all the steps are complete, you can sit back and admire your amazing cupcakes. Here’s what mine turned out to look like…

As you can see, they didn’t turn out quite like the picture. I do not know how this could have happened.

Even though I am ugly, I still need to be loved

3 responses to “Baking with Stephanie: Lesson 1

  1. 5 stars, you bake just like me!

  2. really? awesome! let’s bake together sometime!

  3. I feel much better, knowing that I’m not alone. This is an exact recap of my evening.

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