Things I have Learned About Travel Thus Far

I have only been in England one day. I’ll be traveling throughout the UK and Europe for the next month and I’ve already learned some valuable lessons.

– Never ever, under any circumstances, even if you are in the right, argue with a British customs agent. They will keep you there for three hours, go through your luggage, and threaten to deport you.

– French people will sleep naked. Even while they are bunking with 10 other people in a tiny room. Do not look in their direction, no matter how much you cannot believe they’ve never heard of the concept of shaving. You will be regarded as creepy.

– Showers in hostels are for efficiency, not leisure. You have to press a button every 10 seconds to get the damned water to run. Do not take a 15 minute shower. The neo-nazi vegan from Ireland will say this is why the world is ending…because of overindulgent Americans.

– Nothing good can come out of flirting with the hot Australian bartender you met.

– It is possible to make money from a cafe in Piccadilly Square. You are doing it right now.

2 responses to “Things I have Learned About Travel Thus Far

  1. You are too funny! What customs official? What bartender?

  2. I hope you write more posts about this trip! I love your blog!

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