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The Curious Case of Kotakoti

Many mothers are thankful that their teen daughters haven’t ended up as the next star of MTV’s “Sixteen and Pregnant.” But what if your daughter’s hobby was just downright creepy, regardless if she smoked meth or got knocked up in the backseat of a Chevy?

Personally, I don’t know which one is worse – a 16-year-old mother, or a 16-year-old who enjoys dressing up as a human doll. A weird new trend has taken Japanese teenagers by storm, and is quickly working its way to the States. More and more teenage girls are dolling themselves up like actual porcelain dolls, wearing frilly babydoll dresses, contact lenses to give them Bambi-doe eyes, ribbons, and braids.

Take London based teen Venus Palermo for instance. At 15,  she seems to have grown into her doll obsession rather than out of it. Posing under the screen name VenusAngelic, Venus posts YouTube tutorials for others girls who want to look like her. But this isn’t what makes her super creepy. It’s the fact that she makes herself up to be a living doll.

According to Venus, all it takes to become a modern ball-jointed doll (or BJD, as she calls it) is enlarged pupil contacts, like the ones Lady Gaga used in her video , white eye-shadow and plastic-sheen-effect powder.

Not only does she teach viewers to do their hair and makeup like dolls, but she also coaches them on how to resemble unicorns and wide-eyed, submissive puppies. And she does all this while giving you play-by-play instructions with her eerie, Harajuku little kid voice.

Another example of girls gone wild for dolls is the case of Dakota Rose, aka Kotakoti on YouTube. This petite, fawn-like girl, claiming to be 16, also gives beauty tutorials to fans. Dakota is seen as the embodiment of perfection, gaining widespread popularity in Japan and other parts of the world. But, according to internet rumors and circulating pictures, her perfection isn’t even real.

Report after report after report is revealing that Dakota has Photoshopped all of her videos and pictures before posting them online. She has not only made her eyes appear huge, but her chin, lips and face appear smaller and her breasts triple in cup size.

She’s also not 16, but really 19 years old.

Some of you may be thinking, Well, who the f!@k cares? Fashion magazines do it all of the time. Plus, she’s 19. She can make her boobs the size of small continents, with or without Photoshop.

That’s not the point. The point is that she’s posing as a 16-year-old Lolita, sexualizing herself as a young girl and teaching others to do the same.

And that’s just sick and really, really wrong.

Dakota happens to be the younger sister of scenequeen Kiki Ostrenga, who was a YouTube sensation at just 14 and featured in a Rolling Stone editorial last year. Due to her unexpected rise in internet stardom, Kiki suffered bullying, stalking, and was even raped by her 20-year-old boyfriend.

Now, after your first daughter was raped at such a young age due in large part to her YouTube fame, why on earth would a girl’s parents let her younger sister do the exact same thing?!?

And that’s where I start to criticize our society’s obsession with fame.

Venus’s mother, Margaret Palermo, doesn’t seem to be weirded out or even concerned that her daughter is dressed like a huge doll. Margaret is quoted on the UK iTV show Daybreak as saying:

‘I  would be horrified if she came home pregnant, I am not horrified if she is innocent and good girl who likes cute clothes and frills and ribbons.’

‘I am absolutely fine with that, her face is already doll-like and if she likes the style I am fine with it, I would be more worried if she came home drunk or smoked.’

Really, woman?!? REALLY????????

I feel that Venus and Dakota’s parents are hoping to win the same fame and fortune that Justin Bieber did thanks to his YouTube success. And if that means putting their teenagers in harm’s way and setting a bad example for other impressionable teens, then so be it.