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The OkCupid Inbox of Every 20-Something Girl in Philly, Ever

OkCupidHey I’m Manny I live in Collingswood. Can I call or text you? I’m not on here too often. I’m 6’3, four kids (though they don’t live with me. They’re at their moms). I like sex and giving and receiving massages.

Hey. Can I rub and suck ur feet?

Hey… You look like my mom.

I want you to sit on my face 😉

Ur beautiful. Wud u sleep wit me on the 1st date???

Hi I love life, friends, Dave Mathews Band, trees, and hamsters

Have you had a lot of pregnancy scares?

Have you ever listened to Taylor Swift? If you love her body of work then we’re a perfect match! If you’ve never heard of her don’t bother responding.

I may be old enough to be your father, but I have lots of money and I can still get it up! ;)~

Based on the picture of you holding your dog, I can tell that you are gorgeous but very sad and I’d like to change that. I hope you’ll open up to me and we’d be a great couple!

Hey, do yourself a favor and dont put on any makeup……….it messes with perfection 😉

My name Alberto. I am IT worker in office. I live in condo with cousin. I was born in India but live in U.S. You be very pretty.

I fux wit u. My name Reese how u?

Steak is awesome!

Nice tatz. Did they hurt?

hey im mike, so i wasnt going to message you because i know the chances of you responding might be slim to none but damnit i had to try haha … i think your soo pretty and i would give anything just to talk a little ! i have an awesome personality and a loyal heart and just want to meet someone that i can be myself around ! i hope you decide to message me back and give me the chance to know you a little better… like would you want to burry a random body or someone you know ? hahaha